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What is the size of the standard anti-theft door?

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Normally, the standard size of home security door is 2050 * 960, the most standard is 2050 * 860, in addition, there are 1970 * 960 * 1970 * 860 and other different sizes of anti-theft door, the size of anti-theft door is generally based on family needs, the maximum can be 2500 * 2500.

National standard doors generally have four specifications, height of 2050 mm and 1970 mm, width of 860 mm and 950 mm. When combined, they can be 2050*860, 2050*950, 1970*860, 1970*950, height of 2050 mm is the total height of 2.05 meters. If the user's door height is 2070 mm, he can buy 2050 mm height. It needs to leave about 20mm, which is easy to adjust when installed. The door can be divided into two kinds: open outside and open inside, but the direction of the door can be distinguished outdoors. Directions are divided into: left outside, right outside, left inside and right inside. Distinguishing open direction is based on hinge (hinge). Take the outside left opening as an example: people are outside the door holes, hinges (hinges) on the left hand side is outside left opening!

Thickness: Anti-theft door can be divided into single-layer, thickened. Single-layer anti-theft doors are generally about 2 centimeters thick. If there is about 1 centimeter in the market, it can only be regarded as anti-prying doors, which do not belong to the category of anti-theft doors. Thickened anti-theft doors can be divided into three types: 3 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm. 3 centimeters belong to slight thickness, 5 centimeters belong to medium thickness, 7 centimeters belong to super-thick, under normal circumstances, 7 centimeters of anti-theft door is rarely used, usually only a particularly luxurious house will be selected.

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