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Tianjin Huichuan door industry co., LTD is a professional research and development, manufacturing and selling "JLD JinLangDe" "golden cup" brand anti-theft door, fire door, non-standard door modern enterprise security. After more than 20 years of development, the company's products by the market, customers and consumers trust and affirmation. In domestic anti-theft security door market established perfect marketing and customer service network.

The company has established a laboratory for anti-theft safety doors and fire doors, and also has advanced testing and inspection equipment and instruments in China. High quality management and inspection personnel, as well as well-equipped testing equipment, are important conditions for the company to produce high-quality products. Through scientific and strict quality management, strict self inspection, mutual inspection, specialized inspection, and finished product inspection are carried out in every process from raw materials entering the factory to finished products entering the warehouse to ensure the product qualification rate of each process.

In recent years, the company factory qualification rate a jiaoyan products are stable in more than 99%. Through effective quality control, customer satisfaction for the quality of our products reaches 99%. The company's quality policy is "a comprehensive quality management, conscientiously implement, to provide the quality of customer requirements, full participation, timely treatment, achieve the goal of one pace reachs the designated position". Quality is the first responsibility of the operator, is also the focus of the whole enterprise operation, the staff should stick to the quality policy of customer satisfaction and one pace reachs the designated position. Staff is the most important resource of our company, before making quality products, the first to cultivate positive discipline, excellent staff, and continuing to do to improve the quality, cost, delivery, etc, to meet customer demand. Will be the focus of the quality policy advocacy into quality consciousness education training, let all employees are familiar with.

Since its inception, the company focuses on building the marketing direction of domestic and international double routes, with offices in all over the country provinces and cities set up, general agent, dealer, formed a comprehensive, integrated, grid layout, adhere to the professional, brand marketing strategy, the market has achieved outstanding results in all parts of the country. In expanding marketing width at the same time, strengthen the depth of marketing, unified visual identity system, strict and standardized service system, to ensure that consumers in any store can be sincere, the high quality service. In today's business environment, division of labor cooperation, mutual benefit and common development is the enterprise sustainable development of the trend of The Times. Golden cup with "sincerity, cooperation and win-win" cooperation concept as a guide, closely rely on agent channels, broad support partners, perfecting marketing system. On the one hand, golden cup with customers and suppliers to establish more stable relations of cooperation, strengthen strategic cooperation with international and domestic operators, improve the response speed of the supply chain and service advantages, on the other hand, also to expand cooperation with friends of multi-level, realize the division of labor cooperation, complementary advantages, creating customer value better status.

A qualified production and sales of famous brand products, should not only have good sales data, more should have the sense of responsibility! A kind of promote the continuous development of industry sense of responsibility; A leading the local economy, create more social value and contribution of the sense of responsibility; Jinbei industry adhere to the "professional, pragmatic, integrity, innovation" spirit of enterprise, with cast quality brand, with services to create value, for industry, make a greater contribution to society!

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